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Hello all-

I know it has been a while since i have updated this website, so I am now just getting to it. I have been super busy as of late as well as been getting burned out quite fast with DFO. This doesn't mean that I still do not care at all for the guild. On the contrary, I think about you all an awful lot. I realize I haven;t exactly been a very good guild leader as of late. I deeply apoligize for my actions and vow to do whatever i can to stay active again. We are now level 15..What can I say but Omg! I have never expected for us to do this well. You all have exceeded my wildest expectations! I am truly grateful to have people such as you who have stuck through thick and thin to make this guild great.

I want to share this letter i wrote on the facebook group we have, it is I guess a formal apology to you all for my absence. I hope that you can forgive me.

I will be more active in the future everyone I promise. Especially now that the new patch is coming out. this patch brings some great perks for our guild such as a guild base of operations as well as guild storage. probably when this patch comes out we may end up having to change some structure a bit.

Also, keep in mind that this patch also includes the mercenary system. what that does is if you choose one of your level 70 characters you can send them to various places to deploy and after a certain period if time, receive gold and/or various rare items, depending on certain circumstances. also, there doesn't seem to be a limit on how many you can send.

With this, being said it is probably now even more important for us to band together as a guild and do what is necessary to make ourselves known to everyone and realize that this guild is the best guild out there.

I know I haven't exactly been active as of late, and it is my fault that I have been truly away for a while, please forgive me but sometimes I get burned out and sometimes I get sick of playing DFO for a while. I am also dealing with another project that is also taking up some of my time. But to be honest that is no excuse. I am hoping that in the future that we can work together more and do more things.

Don't worry, I still care and respect the guild I spent time with and want the absolute best for it. So please do not think badly about me.

I felt that this was something i needed to get off my chest. For those who wish to leave the guild I can also understand, but I do ask that you at least try to continue to stick with us.

Thanks all.

Your guild leader
With this being said. I will do my utmost to make this guild feel more alive then ever before. thank you for believing in what we believe in.

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